K-1, K-2, K-3 & K-4
for All U.S. Consulates Worldwide
(with Visa Approval Rates for
U.S. Consulates in Latin Countries
Unclassified and Released Under
the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
(*Courtesy of Attorney Doug Carlson)
A FEW COMMENTS: We have extracted and compiled specific data for K visas issued by the U.S. Consulates in 20 Latin countries into MS Excel spreadsheet format. However, the Reader should draw his or her own conclusions from this data. A few of our remarks are:

1. Most people get their visas. Only a relatively small group of people are denied.

2. The post in Bogota, Colombia approves most visas, almost all eventually. (98% approval rate reported for the K visas for FY 2003 & 2004). The Consular officers in Bogota are closely screening cases, and may ask the lady fiancee to return for more questions or further documents one, two, three and even four times. But people appear to be persistent and eventually get their visas at least at this post, according to the visa issuance totals reported by Bogota.

3. Other posts with very high visa issuance rates are: 2004: Honduras (100%), Costa Rica (98%), Panama (97%), Brazil (98%), Mexico (99%)

4. At some posts, the visa approvals are lower, and the denials are relatively higher: 2004: Lima visa approvals are only 53%, Chile 60%, Ecuador 65%, Belize 50%, Cuba 70% (Special Interests Section Swiss Embassy). Also Manila 57%.

5. Some high fraud posts still report pretty high visa approval rates: Dominican Republic 88%, Bogota 98%.

6. Some of the posts which are NOT high fraud posts have relatively low visa approval rates: 2004: Belize 50%, Paraguay 58%, Chile 60%

7. As to raw number of total visas issued in 2004, Consulate in Mexico issued the highest number of K-1 visas (1109), followed by the Consulate in the much-smaller country of Dominican Republic (1032). Conversely, for a country the size of Brazil, the Consulate in Rio issued a relatively small number of K-1 visas (409).


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