Winning U.S. Citizenship for Your International Wife:

American Citizenship through the Naturalization Process

Following three years of legal residence with you in the U.S., your International spouse may qualify for petitioning for the final stage of the immigration process - U.S. Citizenship through natualization.

The decision to pursue citizenship is a major one because it means that the applicant's permanent residency status and application will be carefully scrutinzed by the Immigration Service, and defects and problems of inadmissibility could cause immigration complications or even removal proceedings.

The benefits of U.S. Citizenship though are varied and compelling:

1. Qualification to secure a U.S. Passport which allows unrestricted travel to most countries in the world

2. Petitioning for the "Green Cards" of close relative without being subject to quotas, together with other immigration benefits

3. Passing on citizenship to children

4. Full entitlement to participate in the political process, including the right to vote in elections

The Requirements:

The basic requirements to qualify for the Naturalization process are:

1. Your wife's lawful Permanent Residence in the U.S. for three years as your spouse (which follows two years conditional legal residence for a total of five years)

2. One half of that time spent physically in the U.S. (absenses of up to six months are not counted against the physical time requirement)

3. Eighteen years of age or older

4. Ability to speak, understand, read, write simple English

5. Knowledge and understanding of the history, principles and form of US government, as demonstrated by a verbal and written test

6. "Good moral character" requirement

There will be an interview of your spouse concerning knowledge and understanding of American history and government, and any moral character issues. Processing times for approval vary throughout the country but usually consist of six to twelve months. Your spouse may file early for naturalization but no earlier than three months before your spouse would qualify under the five year residence rule.


A successful Naturalization Petition culminates in the award to your spouse of American Citizenship. With very few exceptions, Naturalized American Citizens enjoy the same benefits and privileges of natural-born citizens, and many have achieved prominent positions in government, business, and industry.

The Naturalization process is the last and perhaps most important phase of the immigration process with the ultimate benefit and privilege of living in the U.S. at stake, namely American citizenship for your International spouse.

I seek to deliver personalized and professional services to American gentlemen and their International wives with regards to the Naturalization process.


**Worry-Free and Time Efficient

**Assistance for you and your spouse throughout the process.

**Immigration Service Knowledge:
We know and have worked with the Immigration Service offices on these petitions.

**Ease, Convenience & Speed:
We do the legal petition work and apply our expertise to complete the job promptly.

**Attorney Consultation: We consult with you, answer questions and make recommendations on the requirements concerning knowledge of English and American history and government.

**Logistical Support: Assistance in retrieving the proper documents and preparing your spouse for INS citizenship interviews.

Citizenship Process Fees and Costs
*$350 Retainer-Deposit Requested (Non-Refundable)
Attorney Fee for Citizenship Process
(Does NOT include Immigration Service filing fee)
$675.00 Immigration Service Filing Fee for N-400 Naturalization Application

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