Winning U.S. Permanent Legal Residency for Your International Wife:

The Permanent "Green Card" through the Removal of Conditions Process

Following the Adjustment of Status process, your new International wife is granted legal residency in the U.S. with a Green Card, which is the Immigration Service term used for U.S. legal residency. However, this legal residency is "conditional" and the Green Card is "temporary". The Removal of Conditions process lifts the conditions and temporary status of your spouse, and awards her final permanent residency.

Under the Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986 which sought to prevent Green Cards issued under "sham" marriages, an immigrant spouse married to a U.S. Citizen either abroad or in the U.S. under a K-1 fiancee visa is granted legal residency. But it is awarded only on a conditional basis under a waiting period - namely, on the condition that the immigrant spouse remain married to her partner for a period of twenty-four months or two years. Ninety days before the expiration of the waiting period, the immigrant spouse and her partner must file a joint Petition to Remove Conditions on Residency in order to request final legal residency. If the petition is not timely filed, the immigrant spouse will fall out of status and be subject to removal.

The petition must be signed and supported by documentation that the marriage was not entered into soley to confer an immigration benefit. Typically, this is done with documents to show that the husband and wife petitioners are living together and holding themselves out as man and wife. Examples of such documents are: joint bank account statements, automobile and insurance documents with both names displayed, and affidavits from family members and close friends.

Often, the Immigration Service will request an interview of the couple at the local office, and questions may be asked about the genuiness of the marriage. If the petition is successful, approval is granted within six months. During the pendancy of the petition, the immigrant spouse can continue to work and travel for a one year period.


A successful Adjustment of Status Petition culminates in the award to your spouse of the final "Green Card".

After three years of continued residence in the U.S., the immigrant spouse may seek American citizenship with a Naturalization Petition.

The Removal of Conditions process is a critical phase of the immigration process for your immigrant spouse with a lot at stake, namely the right of you and your International spouse to live together and enjoy the benefits and privileges of permanent residence together in the U.S.

I seek to deliver personalized and professional services to American gentlemen and their new International wives with regards to the Removal of Conditions process.


**Worry-Free and Time Efficient

**Assistance for you and your spouse throughout the process.

**Immigration Service Knowledge:
We know and have worked with the Immigration Service offices on these petitions.

**Ease, Convenience & Speed:
We do the legal petition work and apply our expertise to complete the job promptly.

**Attorney Consultation: We consult with you and answer ongoing questions on work authorization, going to school, driver's licenses, social security cards and domestic and international travel.

**Logistical Support: Assistance in retrieving the proper documents and preparing you and your spouse for Immigration Service removal of conditions interviews.

Removal of Conditions Fees and Costs
*$350 Retainer-Deposit (Non-Refundable)
Attorney Fee for Removal of Conditions Process
(Does NOT include Immigration Service filing fee)
$680.00 Immigration Service Filing Fee for I-751 Removal of Conditions Petition and Biometrics Fee

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