A few Questions and Answers

LAST REVISED: January 2005

U.S. Passport

1. Are U.S. Passports valuable?

Yes. Be on guard. An American Passport is worth significant money on the black market in many countries. Some reports in certain countries suggest that it may be worth $5000.00 USD or higher.

2. If I lose or have stolen my Passport, do I need to get a replacement?

Yes. If you lose or have stolen your Passport, it is critical that you secure a replacement Passport as quickly as possible if you don't want trouble leaving your host country and re-entering the U.S. You secure a replacement from your host country's U.S. State Department, Consulate Section, American Citizen Services.

3. Can you give an example?

Yes. In the country of Colombia for example, you secure a replacement passport from the U.S. Consulate located in Bogota, Colombia. The address is:                  

American Citizen Services

Calle 22D-Bis, #47-51

Bogota, Colombia

Tel: (571) 315-1566

Emergency Tel: (571) 315-0811

Fax: (571) 315-2127

E-mail: ACS

4. Is there a procedure I need to follow and form I need to fill out?

Yes. Follow the procedure found on the U.S. Consulate's web page which allows a U.S. Citizen in Colombia to replace his/her passport. U.S. CONSULATE, BOGOTA, COLOMBIA PASSPORT INFORMATION.

The Consulate requires that an application form be filled out, signed and dated and presented to them at

Sección Consular

Visas de No-inmigrante

Carrera 45 # 22D-45

Bogotá, D.C.

Technically-speaking, you can mail the form and supporting documents to the Consulate rather than appear in person and they will mail back a replacement passport. But it is recommended that you present the papers and pick up the replacement in person, if at all possible, since the mail system, both public and private, can often be both slow and unreliable.

5. In addition to the form, what are the requirements for me to replace my passport?

For lost or stolen passports, you must show other proof of U.S. Citizenship such as:

1. birth certificate or naturalization certificate

2. driver's licenses, social security cards, voter registration cards are helpful but not conclusive as to citizenship

3. a copy of your lost/stolen passport, if you have it, is also very helpful

4. three standard passport photos

5. a fee of $60.00 USD

For stolen passports, you must first also report the theft to the local police station and secure

1. a police report with date of incident and description of incident


6. Is there a special procedure or office in Barranquilla, Colombia?

Yes. The U.S. Consulate maintains a small auxillary office in Barranquilla, Colombia which does not process any visas but will assist U.S. Citizens with citizen service needs such as reporting lost/stolen passports and securing a replacement. Contact:

U.S. Consular Office

Calle 77B #54-141, Of. 511

Barranquilla, Colombia

Tel: (575) 353-2001

Fax: (575) 353-5261


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